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Chemical Pumps, Peerless PumpChemical Pumps

The ability to offer one of the broadest chemical pump lines for process and industrial applications, supported by factory-trained stocking distributors and worldwide inventories, has made Peerless an industry leader. Available in most machinable alloys and non-metallic materials of construction, Peerless pumps will meet your exact requirements. We have also trained a network of over 50 Service Technicians able to provide 24 hour support for all of our products.

We are also ready to propose innovative supply, maintenance and service packages to allow our Chemical Industry customers to concentrate on their core business and let the experts worry about supply, operation and maintenance of pumps.

Chemical Pumps, Peerless Pump

Peerless Pump 8196 Heavy Duty Process Pump

The Peerless Pump PERFORMER™ Series, Model 8196 ANSI standard pumps are manufactured for a wide range of fl ow and head requirements and meet the latest ASME and ANSI B73.1M specifi cations. The Performer Series combines high effi ciency, maximum performance, and extended Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) for reduced maintenance cost.

The 8196 ANSI-standard pump will handle corrosive, toxic and abrasive process liquids such as acids, bases and solvents. This pump can be found in Chemical, Petro-chemical, Pulp & Paper, Plastic, Refi ning and Pharmaceutical plants. A wide range of alloys, options and sealing systems makes it an ideal choice for almost any application

8196 ANSI-Standard Pump |

Chemical Pumps, Peerless Pump

Peerless Pump 8175 Series Process Pump

The Peerless Pump 8175 Series process pump is manufactured for a wide range of flow and head requirements. The 8175 Series pumps is engineered to lower your operating costs over time. Designed for endurance, it is possible to replace only the back-pullout assembly without having to remove the coupling and motor. Casings are extra thick, and shafts and bearings are heavy-duty, making the 8175 the ideal pump for the toughest of services. The 8175 Series pump is interchangeable with competitors’ pumps, making it possible to retrofi t existing installations with quality Peerless Pump products. All 8175 Series power ends are backed with Peerless Pump’s three-year warranty.

Series 8175 - Paper Stock/Slurry Pump |

Chemical Pumps, Peerless Pump

Peerless 8796 Self Priming Pump

The Peerless Pump 8796 Series pumps are manufactured for a wide range of flow and head requirements and meet the latest ASME specifications. Besides costing less than the competition, the 8796 Series pumps are engineered to lower your operating costs. Save on installation, because these pumps will lift corrosive, toxic, or abrasive liquids from a depth of up to 20 feet without the aid of foot valves, check valves, or auxiliary pumps. Save on inventory costs, because the 8796 back-pullout assembly is completely interchangeable with our 8196 ANSI Series. All 8796 Series Power Ends are backed with peerless Pump’s three-year warranty.

The 8796 Series pumps fit a wide range of applications. They will handle acids, chemicals, or volatile liquids. They can pump liquids with large quantities of entrained air or gas, such as condensate systems or industrial waste treatment. The 8796 pump is the best choice for tank car unloading, mine or tunnel de-watering, or for any application where the pump doesn’t have positive NPSH, or has to be located away from or above the liquid source.

8796 Series Self Priming Pumps | 8796 Maintenance Manual |

Chemical Pumps, Peerless Pump

Peerless Pump C Series General Purpose End Suction Pumps

The Peerless Pump C Series Pumps are close coupled with standard C-face JM or JP solid shaft ball bearing motors specifi cally designed for pump applications in accordance with standards developed by the Hydraulic Institute (HI) and the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA).

Peerless Pump Series C close coupled single suction pumps are designed for applications in medium duty service and provide maximum pump value in heating, air conditioning booster and general circulating service.

End Suction - Series C Pump |

Chemical Pumps, Peerless Pump

Peerless Pump Type A Pump

The Peerless Pump Type A Pump is a cast iron, bronze-fitted, single stage, double suction, horiaontal split case. Engineered and manufactured in the USA using the latest technology for the industrial, process, municipal and HVAC markets. There are 20 pump sizes ranging from ten-inch to twenty four-inch discharge.

Type A pumps can be applied to a variety of pumping jobs handling water and other liquids, even when there is a modest amount of non-abrasive solids in suspension. Typical installations include: Industrial Service, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, Municipal Water Supply and many other large flow requirements.

Horizontal Split Case - Series A |

Chemical Pumps, Peerless Pump

Peerless Pump Engineered AE Series Pump

Using the latest technology, Peerless Pump engineered the AE series pump to accommodate a variety of applications. The single stage, double suction, horizontal split case pump comes in forty-two different hydraulic configurations and twenty-five pump sizes. Discharge sizes range from two to ten inches. The AE has a wide selection of hydraulic performance envelopes, multiple mechanical configurations and several material options.

The AE Series pump handles water and other nonabrasive fluids. Applications vary from small, single pump commercial installations to large, mulit-pump municipal water supply systems. The Peerless Pump municipal water supply systems. The Peerless Pump AE Series gives superior performance in agriculture general industry, building trade, power industry, fire protection, municipal and process applications.

Horizontal Split Case - Series AE |

Chemical Pumps, Peerless Pump

Peerless Pumpmulti Pumps Horizontal Multi-Stage Centrifugal Pumps

Peerless Pumpmulti pumps are horizontal multi-stage centrifugal pumps of ring-section design, which meet the technical requirements of ISO 5199 / EN 25199. The advanced modular design reduces the number of parts while maximizing intergangeability. Optimal selection of impeller diameter and diffuser size for each ensures that the pump closely match the required duty conditions.

Pumps of the Peerless Pumpmulti pumps range meet the specific requirements of many applications, such as: waterworks, water supply, boiler feed, pressure boosting, irrigation, high pressure cleaning, heating, condensate systems, reverse osmosis, chemical, process, and many more...

Peerless Multi Stage Web Brochure |

Chemical Pumps, Peerless Pump

Interchangeable Parts ANSI/Process Pumps

Peerless Pump has been engineering and manufacturing pumps since 1923. Along the way, we’ve delivered thousands of pumps and pioneered new technologies. Our commitment to quality is reflected in our ongoing research and development efforts. Our process pump line, through product enhancements and design changes is now firmly established as a top ANSI pump and parts supplier.This same commitment is reflected by our people, dedicated to the sale and distribution of genuine Peerless replacement parts. Our philosophy is to deliver OEM quality without charging the high prices typical of other OEM suppliers.

Genuine Replacement Parts |

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