Vissers Sales Corp.: Micro Annular Gear and Positive Displacement Pumps Distributor

Micropump - Gear, Centrifugal, Piston, Pumps

Micropump offers complete fluid handling system components and assemblies including pump, motor and controller technologies. Both positive displacement and dynamic pump products are available through Micropump.

Micropump® utilizes a variety of positive displacement pump technologies in its wide range of precision, low-flow pumps, including external gear, micro annular gear, and multiple and single piston. Also available are high-performance centrifugal pumps in a very compact size.



Micropump® is the originator of magnetically driven gear pumps. All magnetically driven pumps eliminate the need for dynamic seals, which enables higher system pressures and minimizes risk from contamination. The internal wetted magnet inside each pump is encapsulated to protect the pumpage from magnet exposure and corrosion.

In addition to magnetic drive technology, Micropump offers their I-Drive® electromagnetic drive technology, plus cam or swash plate drive technology.