Industrial Water Filtration Systems

Filtration Products from the world’s leading manufacturers – Hayward Flow Control Systems, Mefiag® USA Filters, Sethco® Filters and Unitrade Process Technologies available at Vissers Sales Corp.

Importance of Industrial Water Filtration System Products

As a leading distributor of liquid handling equipment, Vissers Sales has long provided the best in the business. Working with industry leaders like Jabsco, Enviroflex, Vanton, and Zoeller, to name a few, they also specialize in industrial filtration systems.

Ways to Make Equipment Last Longer

To help lessen the burden on liquid handling equipment, many companies employ various industrial filtration products and industrial filtration equipment.
Filtering can help in the following ways:

  • Removes Particulates
  • Maintains Viscosity of Liquid
  • Ensures Proper Mixture is Maintained

All of those things help to keep the liquid as easy to handle for pumps, industrial mixers, and valves which means they do not have to work as hard to process the liquid in question. This obviously adds to the lifespan of the equipment.

Concerns About Corrosion

With a metal filter housing, rust and corrosion will always set in. When that happens, it can contaminate the processed mixture. Employing a Simplex basket strainer, which is comprised entirely of plastic, is the best way to combat corrosion.

Features of the Simplex Basket Strainer:

  • Integral Mounting Flange
  • Bleed Valve in Polypropylene Model
  • Hand-Removable Cover

Detailed Design

Through mindful design, the external cover threads never contact the mixture which cuts down on cleaning when the filter is changed each time.

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