Instrumentation Products for Level, Flow, Handheld Testing, pH/ORP, Conductivity and Boiler/Cooling Towers from the world’s leading manufacturers – Flowline, Khrone, Carlon, Aquametrix, MyronL and Pulsafeeder available at Vissers Sales Corp.

Different Types of Instrumentation

For more than forty years, Vissers Sales has been a leader in liquid chemical handling. Relying on a wealth of industrial experience, we are constantly looking for better techniques and better equipment to make your job easier. Vissers Sales should be the first call you make when looking to upgrade, replace, or implement liquid chemical handling systems. We offer the best in industrial controllers and instrumentation products.

How Does Instrumentation Help?

Think about your car or truck. When you look at the dashboard, what do you see? That’s right instruments of all kinds. There is a speedometer, gas gauge, temperature gauge, odometer, voltage gauge, just to name a few. Those gauges provide information to the driver so they know how the car is performing and can provide warnings before significant damage occurs. If the temperature gauge shows the engine operating at a higher temperature than normal, it can be indicative of needing to add coolant. If the voltage gauge is showing low voltage, it might be time for a new battery.

Think about the way the automobile industry has changed. Cars of fifty years ago didn’t have all the bells and whistles that vehicles of today do. They had what were known as idiot lights that would simply light up to tell you there was a problem. It wasn’t very informative, was it?

The same can be said for liquid chemical management systems.

Implementing Industrial Instrumentation Products

Just as adding technology to the automotive industry has changed our expectations about how our vehicles operate, the same can be said about the liquid chemical industry. Things are computerized now and regulated automatically. Instrumentation products include:

  • Monitoring Software
  • Industrial Controllers
  • Gauges

By understanding the need for efficiency and quality products, Vissers Sales can provide the proper industrial-grade equipment for any sized project. If your instrumentation needs aren’t being met, reach out to Vissers today to find out how we can help.