pH & ORP

Controlling the pH Level of Liquids

For over forty years, Vissers Sales has been a leading liquid chemical handling company. Providing high-quality solutions for any and all liquid chemical handling needs, Vissers is your solution partner. With our vast industrial experience and impressive product knowledge, no matter the scope of your project, we can handle it. We provide the best in pH controllers and transmitters, as well as, ORP controllers and transmitters.

Analytical Tools to Monitor Liquid Solutions

Vissers provides various controllers and transmitters to monitor the pH levels of liquid solutions. Below are the most common types:

  • pH Controllers and Transmitters
  • ORP Controllers and Transmitters

pH Controller

A pH controller will automatically check and adjusts the pH level of a particular solution. It helps to balance the acidity and alkalinity of a solution to keep it neutral. This can be vital in specific liquid handling applications.

pH Transmitters

As the name indicates, pH transmitters provide invaluable information regarding the pH level of various solutions. This allows adjustments to be made if the solution is too acidic for the current application.

These provide continuous monitoring of pH in the following scenarios:

  • Industrial Processes
  • Pharmaceutical Production
  • Water Monitoring

ORP Controllers

This is a probe or sensor deployed that provides valuable information. It can indicate the oxidizing level of a particular pool of water. While surprising, the ORP controller indicates this by measuring the electronic activity in the water. ORP stands for oxidation reduction potential.

ORP Transmitters

These are used in a variety of settings. They provide trend data related to the aeration of pools in waste water plants. This allows adjustments to be made to raise the efficiency of the plant. With increased efficiency, productivity will improve as well.

If you have questions regarding pH or ORP controllers or transmitters, feel free to reach out to Vissers. We are your solution center to liquid management. Reach out to us today.