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Vissers Sales Corp Providing Industries With Reliable, Effective, And Safe Equipment
Vissers Sales Corp Providing Industries With Reliable, Effective, And Safe Equipment Vissers Sales Corp Working To Help Industries Achieve The Desired Results Vissers Sales Corp Industrial Chemical Pumps Manufactured By World-Leading Brands Vissers Sales Corp Working To Help Industries Achieve The Desired Results
Vissers Sales Corp.

Reputable Liquid Handling Equipment Distributors and Representatives

When it comes to choosing and operating liquid handling equipment, there’s no room for error. At Vissers Sales Corp., we genuinely care about the industries we serve. We focus primarily on the chemical industrial market. However, we give every customer, regardless of industry, the same opportunity to purchase the best pumps, mixers, controls, industrial pump systems in Canada, and more.

Industrial Chemical Pump Systems Supplier That Believes in Diversity

Diversity is one of the many reasons that different industries turn to Vissers Sales Corp., one of the top liquid handling equipment distributors and industrial pump systems suppliers in Canada. We take a unique approach to how we accommodate the individual needs of the different industries we serve.

That starts by working one-on-one with our customers to gain insight into their operations and objectives. That way, we can perfectly match their specifications with one of the industrial pump systems that we supply in Canada.

Providing Industries With Reliable, Effective, and Safe Chemical Pumps & Equipment

Here are a few examples of the industrial pump systems that we represent and supply in Canada as one of the leading industrial chemical pumps distributors.

Industrial Pumps

Centrifugal Pumps, Positive Displacement Pumps, Drum Pumps, ...

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Instrumentation Products for Level, Flow, Handheld Testing, ...

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Industrial Mixers

Just like people use devices at home to mix products and ...

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Metering Pump Accessories

In a wide range of industries, pumps are essential. These...

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Industrial Pump Systems

For industrial pump systems, you can count on Vissers Sales ...

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Filtration Products from the world's leading manufacturers -...

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Industrial Storage Tanks

In a wide variety of industries, storage tanks are vital for...

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Vissers Sales Corp providing plastic valves, valve controls,...

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Working to Help Industries Achieve the Desired Results

At Vissers Sales Corp., we supply much more than industrial pump systems. We’re also an experienced and knowledgeable water treatment equipment supplier. To help these facilities run a safe and compliant operation, we provide what they need.

Some examples include metering accessories, tanks, valves, and filtration systems

Metering accessories (pulsation dampeners, flow meters, calibration columns, and weigh scales)

Valves (plastic, butterfly, control, manual, pressure relief, automated, pneumatic, actuator, electronic, check, and others based on what the industry and application demands)

Tanks (plastic storage, industrial storage, and specialty)

We also supply top-of-the-line instrumentation and industrial mixers.

Our customers belong to fiercely competitive industries. To get and stay ahead, they can’t compromise on the industrial chemical pumps and other liquid handling equipment used.

So, what’s our role at Vissers Sales Corp.? It’s not just to supply the best equipment but the best equipment designed for industry-specific applications. That’s another area of expertise that allows us to give our customers outstanding service and support.

Industrial Chemical Pumps Manufactured by World-leading Suppliers

You can see the calibre of manufacturers that we partner with so that our customers can invest in the best liquid handling equipment available.


Featured Products

Metering pump

Pulsatron C+ Series

Metering Pump
Pulsatron C Series

Pulsatron C Series

Metering Pump
Carlon JLP

Carlon JLP

flow meters
Flow meters

Carlon SSM

flow meters

Water treatment chemical

drum pump package 1

Industrial chemical

drum pump package 2

Aggressive chemical

drum pump package 3


gear pump

Advance 1000

Centrifugal Pump

Nothing Is Too Good for Our Valued Customers

Vissers Sales Corp. is one of the most respected liquid handling equipment distributors in Canada and beyond. We take immense pride in representing and supplying brands that industries feel 100 percent confident using.


Our Customer Stories

Was looking for a centrifugal pump, Greg’s team worked very well to help us find the one we needed for our specific process.

Chris Dyer

Very knowledgeable team, we had a great experience getting what we were looking for, very high quality products.

Marina Harris

Visser products are reliable, and durable, great for withstanding heavy industrial use. Great experience working with the team to get the products I was looking for.

Greg Cage