Valve Types

Vissers Sales provides a wealth of industrial experience and vast product knowledge. For over forty years, Vissers has serviced the liquid handling sector of the chemical and industrial markets. Regardless of the scope of your project, we can handle it. When you partner with us, you will have a talented team at your disposal. When dealing with liquid chemicals, it is vital to be mindful of all safety protocols. One way is to safely transport liquid by ensuring the industrial control valves are working correctly throughout the supply line. When valves don’t operate at optimum efficiency, it can hinder proper flow management.

We understand the need for high-quality valves in any liquid management system. Industrial control valves help to regulate the rate of flow. They also shut off the flow so upgrades and maintenance can be performed on various segments of the management system.

There are different types of valves:

  • Actuated Valves
  • Plastic Needle Valves
  • True Union Ball Valves

Actuated Valves

This type of valve has nineteen variable settings to allow for the specific control of liquid as it passes through the valve. Designed for high flow rate settings, actuated valves are built to last and are low-maintenance.

True Union Ball Valves

Understanding how important quality and efficiency can be when managing chemical liquids, Vissers Sales offers the best True Union Ball Valves around. Ball valves are incredibly low maintenance and help to control the flow through filters, storage tanks, and pumps.

Plastic Needle Valves

One of the simplest check valves on the market, plastic needle valves are invaluable in liquid handling systems. Plastic flow control valves are just one aspect of designing a liquid management system. Visser Sales can provide all necessary valves for any liquid management need. Reach out to Vissers Sales for more information.