Chemical Drum and Tote Pumps

When you’re in the market for canadian industrial pumps, you want to work with a source you can trust. At Vissers Sales Corp., we strive to earn the respect of every customer we serve. One way we accomplish that is by supplying top-quality chemical drum pumps, also referred to as tote pumps and barrel pumps.

How Do These Chemical Drum and Barrel Pumps Work?

Regardless of what you call them, chemical drum pumps work in conjunction with empty tanks, drums, barrels, and IBCs. Because of their design, they’re often used to pump chemicals, diesel exhaust fluids, and other corrosive liquids.

Especially for the chemical and industrial markets, standard pumps don’t suffice. So, many companies turn to us, knowing we sell only the best liquid handling equipment available while keeping costs competitive.

Incredible Options for Chemical Drum Pumps

Many industries rely on us at Vissers Sales Corp. because we have multiple options available. Not only do we have an impressive selection of barrel pumps, but we also offer accessories. Here are just a few of the products we supply.

Pump Sets 1 through 5 – Consider Set 5 as an example. Manufactured by Standard Pump, this has an innovative design that accurately and safely measures and transfers both concentrated and very aggressive liquids.

Pump Motors – Also from Standard Pump, we have four motors available with power levels that range from 115/1/50-60 to 230/1/50-60.

Polypropylene Pump Tube Sets – Also Standard Pump products, these sets transfer high-temperature corrosive liquids. Polypropylene pump tubes are ideal for use in the chemical and industrial markets. Made from polypropylene, these tube sets for barrel pumps are both heat- and chemical-resistant.

Let Us Help You Select the Right Tote, Chemical Drum and Barrel Pumps for Your Company’s Application

At Vissers Sales Corp., we have three primary goals. First, we strive to achieve 100 percent customer satisfaction through exceptional service and support. Second, we seek to offer a broad range of industrial products. Third, we aim to build long-term business partnerships with the companies we serve.

call today, and one of our product specialists will answer all your questions about chemical drum pumps and guide you to the appropriate product. Even after completing a transaction, we’ll continue to offer product support.