Horizontal Split Case Centrifugal Pumps

Vissers Sales Corp. has emerged as one of the leading horizontal split case centrifugal pump distributors in Canada. One reason is that we supply cutting-edge pumping systems. Another reason is we have a team that strives to achieve 100 percent customer satisfaction.

We have expertise in the different types of centrifugal pumps in Canada. That allows us to help customers find the right system based on their specific application.

One option is a horizontal split case pump. This in-line system consists of a pump housing divided into two equal parts. One benefit of this pump is its high efficiency. It’s also an excellent choice because it produces little noise and is easy to maintain.

We take our role as one of the leading horizontal split case centrifugal pump suppliers seriously. As a result, we offer three excellent options:

  • KP General Service Pumps – This horizontal split case pump provides double suction and comes in several mechanical and metallurgical options. It has a cartridge-type bearing housing, making inspection and maintenance easy.
  • KPV General Service Pumps – This pump accommodates various applications. Some of those include HVAC systems, district cooling, and public water supply. You can select from different mechanical and metallurgical options based on the pumping requirements.
  • Peerless Pump Engineered AE Series Pump – As one of the leading horizontal split case centrifugal pump distributors, we want to provide customers with what they need. That means offering customers a variety of pumping systems. So, we also have this pump available. With its single stage, double suction, and horizontal design, you can choose from 42 hydraulic configurations and 25 pump sizes.

Don’t waste your time on other horizontal split case centrifugal pump suppliers that fail to deliver. Simply contact Vissers Sales Corp. for professional service and superior pumping systems.