Understanding Rotary Lobe Pumps

Many industries rely on pumps to move fluids. Without a quality device, your processes can be slow, ineffective, and even unsafe. Fortunately, there are options to pump different liquids, even in the harshest environments. Sanitary positive displacement pumps are a viable option. This type of rotary pump is common in cosmetics, chemical businesses, pharmaceuticals, and food-processing businesses. At Vissers Sales Corp, we specialize in providing these pumps for your company.

These types of pumps can handle just about any type of fluid, high or low viscosity. You may want to use the pump for filtering and bottling operations. Another advantage is that these pumps will not damage fragile, shear-sensitive fluids.

Sanitary positive displacement pumps comprise a pair of lobe rotors. These rotate in tandem inside the casing but they do not come in contact with one another. When the rotors turn, the fluids fill the spaces between the lobes and casing. The liquids move to the discharge nozzle, forming a constant stream.

You can feel at ease working with us and knowing the sanitary rotary lobe pumps are composed of quality materials. The bearing support seal and gaskets meet the highest quality of industry standards.

Your rotary lobe pumps from Vissers Sales Corp will handle your pumping needs, are easy to clean and maintain, with mechanical seals that are sanitary as well.

You may work in an environment where you pump liquid in high temperatures or low or high viscosity. If so, you need to contact the team at Vissers Sales Corp today. Our expert team can help your operations by selling you sanitary rotary lobe pumps.