Mag-Drive Gear

Magnet Drive External Gear Pump

At Vissers Sales Corp., we provide the right equipment to meet your business needs. If your industry relies on tasks that include metering, spraying, and circulation, quality pumps are essential. Our team can provide you with mag-drive gear industrial metering pumps. These devices have advantages over other types, including diaphragm pumps or centrifugal pumps.

An Overview of Mag-Drive Pumps

There are many outstanding features that you will appreciate about these pumps. Working with a mag-drive gear metering pumps supplier like Vissers Sales Corp. is a good place to start. Mag-drive pumps do not have a seal but include a leak-free design. This enables the pumps to withstand a wide variety of conditions. The pumps are also long-lasting and can work well with many types of fluids. Our customers include those who use solvents, potable water, and those liquids you may use in food processing.

Other Benefits of Mag-Drive Industrial Metering Pumps

These pumps do not have a shaft seal but instead use a magnetic coupling. There are several advantages to using them in your production and manufacturing. Some of these include the following:

  • Perform well in hazardous environments.
  • Safely contain fluids.
  • Can withstand high pressures.
  • Have a predicable flowrate that you can repeat.
  • Are capable of high differential pressure.

Purchase Your Next Pump from Us

As a mag-drive gear metering pumps supplier, Vissers Sales Corp. is ready to help your business become more efficient. These pumps can improve your operations. Give us a call today so you can discuss your needs and goals.