Mag-Drive Vane

Magnetically Driven Rotary Sliding Vane Pumps

In many industries, pumps are a vital part of daily tasks. If your business uses these devices to move liquids, you need quality materials. Vissers Sales Corp. specializes in an assortment of pumps, each fit to meet your needs and improve your productivity. Though many varieties exist, certain types are more effective than others in particular settings. Mag-drive vane industrial metering pumps are useful in many applications. Vissers Sales Corp. can help your company by providing the right device.

A Look at Mag-Drive Rotary Vane Pumps

These pumps generate low flows and have middle or high discharge pressure. The pump housing consists of plastic materials, which are non-corrosive. Strong magnets connect the hydraulic portion of the pump, which powers the motor. The Mag-drive vane industrial metering pumps do not need shaft seals. This helps to ensure that the liquid won’t leak.

Where People Use the Pumps

Several types of businesses benefit from these pumps. The industries that should contact a mag-drive vane metering pumps supplier, such as Vissers Sales Corp., include:

  • Industries that work with biodiesel fluids.
  • Industries that work with laboratory equipment.
  • Pharmaceutical and medical.
  • Plan engineering.
  • Industries that need pressure boosting.

Get in Touch with Us to Purchase Your Pumps

Businesses that use pumps can’t do without reliable equipment. Our magnetic drive vane pumps will help you reach your goal and keep up with production. The team at Vissers Sales Corp. is a mag-drive vane metering pumps supplier. Call us today to order your pumps.