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Centrifugal Submersible Pumps

Multiple industries depend on submersible pumps for their operations. That includes agricultural irrigation, wastewater treatment, and pond filtration, among others. For your company, you need a pump you can count on. Vissers Sales Corp. is a respected submersible water pump distributor that will gladly assist.

How a Submersible Pump Works

A submersible pump operates on the same principle as every other centrifugal pump, converting rotary energy into kinetic, which converts to pressure at the pump discharge. A submersible pump is unique in that its electric motor is designed to operate while fully submerged in liquid. Submersible pumps eliminate suction piping and priming issues when pumping out of a tank or vessel that’s below ground.

Benefits of a Submersible Pump

Not all submersible centrifugal pump suppliers offer the same superior quality products. To avoid investing in something that doesn’t meet your expectations, turn to Vissers Sales Corp.

When you work with a respected submersible water pump distributor like Vissers, you can feel confident in the product. As a result, you’ll have a high-performing pump that boasts multiple benefits. A few include energy efficiency, a pump that can handle both liquids and solids, and one that doesn’t require priming.

Outstanding Products

Below are two examples of the submersible pumps we supply:

  • 62 HD Series – This patented heavy-duty pump features a 4×6-inch flanged discharge capable of moving a large volume of water and solids.
  • 260 Series Sewage Pumps – Designed specifically for sewage applications, you can choose either an effluent or dewatering model.
  • Barnes Pumps – As one of the leading submersible centrifugal pump suppliers, we serve homeowners as well as different industries. For home use, this pump works fantastic for areas prone to flooding, such as garages, barns, and basements.

Never Settle for Second Best

Vissers Sales Corp. is a submersible water pump distributor that you can depend on. Contact us today.