Centrifugal Self Priming Water Pumps

The various industries that depend on pumps look for several specific things. These include high performance, reliability, efficiency, and durability. They also look for pumps that make processes more convenient. That’s one reason why self priming water pumps make an ideal choice.

Unlike other water pumps on the market, self priming water pumps boast several unique design features. For self priming pumps, there needs to be liquid in the body or cavity before starting the pumping process. Commonly used for wastewater treatment, as well as hygienic and sanitary processing, they perform more than one task.In simple terms, self priming pumps are a subset of end suction centrifugal water pumps. With an innovative design, they reprime after a loss of liquid prime.

Keep in mind that it’s crucial to work with a reputable self priming pump distributor. Not only can you choose from some of the most respected brands available but also find cost-effective equipment. This is why so many industries rely on Vissers Sales Corp. for their self priming pump needs.

What Makes Self Priming Water Pumps So Unique?

The way self priming water pump works is the primary benefit. To avoid mixing water and air, they create a partial vacuum. That’s what discharges the water while, at the same time, evacuates any air. This is possible because the pump combines water and air during the self priming process. While forcing air to rise, it pushes the water down.

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Examples of the Pumps We Offer

To ensure our customers have top-of-the-line options, we offer several different types of pumps with self priming capability. A few examples of these include:

  • 2×2-Inch Self Priming Pump – This centrifugal pump comes from a respected manufacturer. It maintains a full column of liquid in the suction line via a flapper valve. Thanks to advanced technology, it can achieve up to 25 feet of lift. For OEM, industrial, marine, and agricultural, it’s a great option.
  • 3×3-Inch Self Priming Pump – This, too, is a product made by a leading manufacturer. Included are a bearing pedestal and flapper valve. This pump works amazingly well for a variety of applications.

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