Vertical In-Line Centrifugal Pumps

Are you looking for a centrifugal pump that can transfer low viscosity fluids over a broad range of flow rates? Rather than waste valuable time researching different vertical in-line pump suppliers, allow our team at Vissers Sales Corp. to assist.

We have several top-of-the-line products available, including Grundfos, VL, and VLS pumps. Although each vertical in-line centrifugal pump works similarly, they have distinct capabilities.

As one of the leading vertical inline pump distributors, we’ll make the selection process easy.

The vertical in-line centrifugal pump has a unique design that’s specifically for vertical installation. This makes it the ideal choice when dealing with an area with limited square footage. Compared to a horizontal pump, this type of pump uses between 50 and 75 percent less space.

A vertical inline pump is even more advantageous. Due to the way it suctions and delivers, it provides straight-line piping. Again, that makes it an easy choice to transfer viscosity fluids over a range of flow rates. Also, it can transfer fluids over lower heads.

For a single-stage centrifugal pump made for vertical installation, we’ll help you choose the right model. Ultimately, you’ll get a pumping system that’s efficient, reliable, and safe.

When it comes to pump distributors in Canada, Vissers Sales Corp. stands out for all the right reasons. We have years of experience and vast knowledge of the pump industry. We also have a team of dedicated experts eager to provide personalized service.

We invite you to contact us to discuss your needs. We’ll gladly provide information on each vertical in-line centrifugal pump we offer.