Positive Displacement Pumps

Many industries, especially the chemical and industrial sectors, rely on Vissers Sales Corp. for equipment. Three reasons stand out. First, we have years of experience and extensive knowledge in this field. Second, we supply customers with top liquid handling equipment brands while keeping prices competitive. Third, we offer a broad range of industrial solutions, including positive displacement pumps.

What Are Positive Displacement Pumps?

This particular type of pump transports fluid chemicals by trapping a specific volume of liquid, and then forcing it into a discharge pipe. Unlike centrifugal water pumps, it doesn’t have impellers, it uses diaphragms, hoses, gears, or vanes to physically displace the liquid. This creates adequate pressure within the chamber to pump and displace the liquid chemical.

We have several positive displacement pumps available. Some work for applications that deal with sensitive or fragile solids. Other positive displacement pumps are ideal for low flow and high-pressure applications. Then, we have positive displacement pumps, which handle different kinds of liquid chemicals.

Regardless of the type, all the positive displacement pumps that we supply at Vissers Sales Corp. come from leading manufacturing companies. As reputable brands, they provide outstanding performance and efficiency.

We Supply Advanced Positive Displacement Pumps

The positive displacement pumps sold today are far more advanced than those from just a few years ago. By purchasing one of the positive displacement pumps from Vissers Sales Corp., you will feel confident in its technology and features.

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