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Enviroflex L25 Series Peristaltic Hose Pumps

With our Enviroflex L Series pump you get all the benefits of other peristaltic pumps, with the two key additional benefits of a much slower speed for a given flowrate; and rotating rollers for soft hose compression. These two features greatly increase hose life & reduce power consumption.


The L Series pump displaces typically twice the flowrate of our competitors pump and we achieve this by making our pump larger*. In our design the rollers effective contact with the hose is maximised, producing an increased flow perrevolution. This means we can run our pump at about half our competitors speed to produce the same flowrate and hence double the hose life*.

Our pump uses soft action rotating rollers to compress the hose instead of hard fixed shoes. The advantage of our rollers is that they gently rotate as they compress the hose, losing very little power from surface friction. Fixed shoes
by stark comparison apply a large contact area, that drags on the hose surface, creating a high level of wear, friction and hence significant power loss.

The L25’s design features will provide you with typically TWICE the expected hose life and significant power savings when compared to other peristaltic pumps*.

Technical Data L25 Series

  • Weight: 65kg (Varies with Drive)
  • Dims: Approx 513W x 503D x 536H mm
  • Temperature: Max 80ºC
  • Displacement: 0.48 Litres per rev
  • Max continuous speed: 40 rpm
  • Max pressure: 10 Barg
  • Max continuous flowrate: 0 to 1152 l/hr
  • Standard Connections: 1” BSP Male

Common Applications

  • Colour pigment and glaze transfer
  • Dosing addition of heavy slurries for building materials industries
  • Dosing of spray additives like paint and ink
  • Oil spill recovery and waste sludge transfer
  • Radioactive waste decommissioning
  • Water sampling and chemical metering
  • And of course many others.


  • TWICE the hose life and significant power savings when compared to other Peristaltic pumps*
  • Ideal for corrosive environments with pump casing options in 304 and 316 stainless steel (Standard is carbon steel)
  • Accurate & controllable flowrate means easy integration with your process requirements
  • Essentially one wearing part means low maintenance and low spares inventory
  • Excellent solids/sludge handling with no valves or balls to stick
  • Self Priming suction lift up to a maximum of 9.5m vertical
  • Fixed and variable speed options