An Overview of Peristaltic Hose Pumps

In most industries, a reliable pump is a vital piece of machinery. There are various pump types available, depending on your needs and the job you have to accomplish. Vissers Sales Corp. is one of the most trusted Peristaltic pump suppliers & distributors in Canada. We can provide you with a quality device but it is first helpful to understand how they work and when you would want to use one.

We are experts in industrial peristaltic hose pumps. These rotary pumps comprise a piece of elastomeric hose that is encased in a C-channel housing with rollers that compress the hose. As the rollers rotate, liquid is trapped between rollers and squeezed from the suction to the discharge. These pumps are suitable for fluids of low or high viscosity. Businesses in the hygienic and pharmaceutical industries use these pumps. Industries that use gassing liquids, such as hydrogen peroxide, should also consider using industrial peristaltic pumps.Industrial peristaltic hose pumps have excellent suction capabilities and can self-prime up to 8 meters. The design and components allow for easy maintenance and the hose can usually be replaced quickly. However, the hose does require frequent maintenance, the only real downside of these pumps. The pumps will also not clog, so they are perfect for handling sludge, sewage, and other materials that contain debris.

When it comes to choosing peristaltic pump suppliers & distributors, you have different options. But Vissers Sales Corp. is the right place to find these products. Our experienced team of professionals is ready to help you choose the perfect pump for your needs. You can benefit by using peristaltic pumps. You should call the peristaltic pump suppliers & distributors at Vissers Sales Corp. today.