Air-Operated Diaphragm Pump: What They Are and How They Work

In most industries, pumps are an essential tool. Air diaphragm pumps are common many businesses including those that do sanitation processing, food processing. and biopharmaceuticals. Here, the right pump can handle the most demanding duties effectively and safely. It’s important to know how this style of pump works and when it might be most useful for your organization. Vissers Sales Corp. is an air-operated diaphragm pump supplier that can help your business with the right system.

There are many advantages to using this variety of pumps for your business needs. These pumps can pump corrosive and flammable liquids efficiently and can effectively accommodate low to medium viscosity liquids. There is virtually nothing that you put in air diaphragm pumps that the device can’t pump well.

The following are tasks that the pumps can handle:

  • Additive injection
  • Sampling
  • Coating
  • Raw material unloading
  • Filling
  • Dosing

Instead of using a motor, chemical AODD pumps use compressed air to work. This is an advantage to you when using electrical means would be unsafe. Compressed air pushes one diaphragm in the direction of the center valve while pushing the other towards it. Each suction stroke makes a vacuum in the pump’s body, pulling liquid in through the inlet. While a simultaneous discharges stroke pushes liquid out the opposite chamber though an outlet. This process repeats constantly with a suction and discharge stroke always in motion.

You’ll like that AOD pumps can run dry for a long time without suffering any damage. They also work well in the harshest of conditions, even those where there is a risk of flammability. They can stand up to high temperatures, thanks to their durable design. At Vissers Sales Corp., we can provide these in both metal and non-metal materials.

You can see how AOD pumps would benefit your business. Talk to an air-operated double diaphragm pump supplier at Vissers Sales Corp. now. We have the knowledge and training you need to make a good choice. We also help you feel positive about having the right solution for your business goals.