Drum Pump

Managing fluids and distributing them correctly is vital in many manufacturing businesses. Vissers Sales Corp. has a dedicated team ready and able to help customers who need quality pumping solutions. There are different options to choose from, and we can provide you with the right devices. Facilities that keep barrels of liquid need a pump to remove the fluids without having to empty them manually. Like other reliable drum pump distributors, we offer drum pumps in these situations. These devices can remove the liquids without you having to try to move the heavy drums.

What the Drum Pump Does

To successfully operate a drum pump, the user places it on the top opening of the barrel. Doing this eliminates the need to rotate or tip the heavy barrel to get out the liquid. It uses a narrow tube and a vertical shaft, which connects to a small electric motor. When the user starts up the pump, it sucks out the liquids inside. Some drum pump distributors sell pumps that the user can activate by hand. You can also remove the pumps from one barrel and use the same one on another drum.

These Industries Purchase Drum Pumps from Vissers Sales Corp

A nice feature of drum pumps is that they work well with many types of liquids. Also known as tote pumps, drum pumps can pump oil, chemicals, and other thicker-than-water fluids. Our customers include those in a wide range of industries, including the following:

  • Food processing companies.
  • Automotive garages and shops.
  • Chemical facilities.
  • Manufacturing and processing plants.
  • Cleaning industries.

Choosing an electric or hand-operated pump from tote pump distributors is important. We recommend hand-operated versions for low- or medium-volume production. These also are good for oils, soaps, and gasoline. Electric pumps are a good choice for high-volume needs.

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