Metering Pumps

The right pump for the right situation will help your business thrive and achieve its goals. At Vissers Sales Corp., we know what pumps you need. We are a leader in the manufacturing and selling of production equipment. If your business is looking for diaphragm metering pumps, we can help. We’ll show you how the pumps benefit your operations.

The Basics

A good understanding of how the pumps work and when you can use them is helpful. To displace the liquids, these pumps use expanding and contracting chambers. They are accurate and are capable of handling a wide variety of fluids. These include both acids and bases, as well as corrosive liquids and viscous fluids. Diaphragm metering pump suppliers in Canada will point out the devices are effective in agricultural, manufacturing, and medical fields.

Features of Diaphragm Metering Pumps

There are valid reasons for choosing diaphragm versions of the pump over peristaltic pumps. When you use diaphragm pumps, you won’t have to worry about any internal parts rubbing together. This reduces the risk of friction and premature wear and tear. Diaphragm dosing pumps can last longer and be reliable for many uses. Also, these pumps do not require a seal or any lubrication. Because of this, there is less of a risk of leakage or contamination.

Let Vissers Sales Corp. Provide You with an Effective Pump

A trusted name in production equipment, Vissers Sales Corp. is ready to set up your business with diaphragm metering pumps. Call us today to help you improve your manufacturing processes.

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