Sanitary Centrifugal Pumps

Many industries rely on pumping systems, but not all use the same type. For innovative industrial pump systems in Canada, you can always count on Vissers Sales Corp.

With years of experience, we understand that every customer has unique pumping requirements. For that reason, we offer a broad range of pumping systems. The sanitary pump is a prime example of what’s included in our lineup of industrial pump systems in Canada.

Due to the quality of our products and outstanding service, we’ve built a solid track record as a sanitary centrifugal pump distributor. We work hard to maintain our reputation, which is why we only offer top-notch industrial pump systems.

Unfortunately, some sanitary centrifugal pump suppliers offer subpar products. At Vissers, we only carry the finest systems. That includes the Hyginox Sen centrifugal pump. What makes it so notable is its sanitary performance and economical design. Along with CIP processes, it’s a perfect choice for the cosmetic, pharmaceutical, and food-processing industries.

When it comes to sanitary industrial pump systems in Canada, this one is hard to beat. It’s an ideal choice for both meter and transport solutions. At the same time, it handles colloids of agricultural and food materials with high cleanliness standards.

Another beneficial feature of this sanitary pump is its compact design. Plus, it has a cold-formed stainless-steel casing, mechanical seal, and three-phase induction motor.

If your operations require superior sanitary centrifugal pumps, contact us at Vissers Sales Corp. As a sanitary centrifugal pump distributor with outstanding products and personalized service, we guarantee a positive experience.