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HYGINOX SEN Centrifugal Pump

Due to its sanitary and economical design, HYGINOX SEN centrifugal pump is used as main process pump in the food-processing, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. It is also recommended for CIP processes.


Design and features

HYGINOX SEN is a range of close-coupled centrifugal pumps with sanitary design, compact and highly efficient. It is made of a cold-formed stainless steel casing, investment casting open impeller, mechanical seal, pump cover, lantern and shaft, connected to the motor shaft by mechanical compression. The lantern is suitable for the assembly of NEMA motors.

NEMA Premium Efficiency three-phase induction motor, C-face and foot mounted.



Parts in contact with the product AISI 316L (1.4404)
Other steel parts AISI 304 (1.4301)
Gaskets in contact with the product EPDM

Internal single mechanical seal EN 12756 l1k:
Rotary part Silicon carbide (SiC)
Stationary part Carbon (C)
Gaskets EPDM

Surface finish:
Internal Ra<0,8 μm
External Matt

Connections: CLAMP


Mechanical seal: SiC/SiC.
Gaskets: FPM and PTFE.
Pump casing with heating jacket.
Drain port.
Other connection types.
Motor with different options.
Trolley and/or control panel.

Data sheet

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Instruction manual

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Performance curves

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