Centrifugal Vertical Multistage Pumps

Vertical Multistage Pumps

When it comes to choosing high-performing pumps, there’s no room for error. At Vissers Sales Corp., we understand the importance of this equipment for many industries. As a leading vertical multistage centrifugal pump distributor, we’ll help you select the right model based on your specific application.

What Is a Vertical Multistage Pump?

This centrifugal pump features a stack of two or more impellers pumping in series within the pump. This design allows a multistage pump to produce high pressures at relatively low flows. The vertical design reduces the pump’s footprint requirement allowing it to be installed within a small space.

Primary Benefits of a Multistage Pump

For a product of superior quality, always rely on a reputable vertical multistage centrifugal pump supplier like Vissers Sales Corp. This pump offers several benefits that make it a perfect choice for different industries.

This centrifugal pump has a smaller impeller diameter and tighter impeller clearances. Combined, that makes it possible to achieve higher pressure even with a smaller motor.

There’s another reason to turn to a respected vertical multistage centrifugal pump distributor like Vissers Sales Corp. for this pump. These pumps consume less energy. That makes it more cost-effective while leaving a smaller environmental footprint.

A Vertical Multistage Centrifugal Pump Supplier that Provides Options

We believe in giving our customers options. Below are just a few of the multistage centrifugal pumps available:

  • Series CM/CME – This horizontal Centrifugal Modular (CM) pump is versatile and compact. Designed with a series of interchangeable modules, it’s ideal for many applications.
  • CR Multistage Series – This series features 11 flow sizes that can produce up to 50 bar of pressure. It also features several shaft seals, supply voltages, and rubber materials.

Demand the Best

You deserve the best. As a top-rated vertical multistage centrifugal pump distributor, that’s what you can expect from Vissers Sales Corp.