Rotary Gear Positive Displacement Pumps

Have you had a bad experience with other rotary gear pump distributors? Perhaps you ended up with a subpar system or paid too much? If so, allow the experts at Vissers Sales Corp. to help you select a superior yet cost-effective pumping system.

With our outstanding products and personalized service, our clients belonging to different industries rank us among the leading rotary gear pump suppliers. We offer two excellent options, both with a positive displacement technology. That ensures that flow from the gear pumps is directly proportional to speed.

  • Bronze Gear Pumps – Manufactured by Oberdorfer, this is one of the top positive displacement pumps available.
  • Stainless Steel Gear Pumps – As another Oberdorfer product, this pump is one of the best chemical feed brands sold in the market.

Benefits of Working with One of the Best Rotary Gear Industrial Pump Distributors

For positive displacement pumps, you can’t beat what we offer at Vissers Sales Corp. Below are some of the benefits that our rotary gear pumping systems provide.

  • Stable and low pulsation flow rate delivery
  • High differential pressure generation capability
  • Repeatable and predictable performance with low and medium viscosity
  • Serves multiple industries
  • Offers a long service life
  • Operates in both rotation directions
  • Self-priming
  • Low vibration and noise levels
  • Precise flow control

However, the one drawback to choosing positive displacement pumps is that these pumps are not suitable for handling abrasive fluids.

At Vissers Sales Corp., we take the time to answer all our client’s questions and provide detailed information. That eliminates stress and streamlines the selection process.

We take our position as one of the most respected rotary gear industrial pump distributors in Canada seriously. Our primary focus is to achieve 100 percent customer satisfaction through quality systems and outstanding support. Contact us today to learn more.