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Weigh Scales

When it comes to weighing compressed gases such as chlorine and sulfur dioxide, only the right solution will do. Accuracy and reliability are essential in these cases. The Eagle Microsystems Model DMS302 is a dual-cylinder scale that works through mechanical actuation. These gas cylinder scales use a linkage system composed of multiple beams to give you the results you need.

How the Gas Cylinder Weighing Scale Works

The device work through two weighing platforms made from PVC. It has high-resolution indicators that make it easier to read measurements and tare adjustments for accurate weighing. In weighing compressed gases, corrosion can be a concern however, this device resists corrosion effectively. Furthermore, it can weigh any compressed gas even in the harshest of environments.

Key Features

Choosing the right gas cylinder scales is vital. The Eagle Microsystems Model DMS302 provides the benefits that technicians are looking for. The scales are particularly useful in water treatment and industrial chemical feed industries. The following features are among the highlights of this model:

  • Support from safety chains and brackets
  • Large, easy-to-read display
  • Comes with a five-year warranty
  • Easy set-up with no tools required to install the device

Other Benefits

Users can expect only the highest-quality materials with each gas cylinder weighing scale. With its versatile and long-lasting features, the scales can handle corrosive environments and other harsh surroundings.

Have Peace of Mind and the Results You Need

If you weigh compressed gases in your business, you need a reliable, long-lasting weighing system. A gas cylinder weighing scale from Eagle Microsystems will exceed your expectations. Call a representative from Vissers Sales Corp today to purchases a new weighing device for your needs.