Pulsation Dampeners

Pulsation Dampeners

In chemical processing and other heavy manufacturing industries, the right machinery and products are vital. When it comes to working with chemical feed systems, pulsation dampeners can make the task easier. This device improves the performance of the feed system by working to minimize any dangerous shockwaves that can occur during the process.

Features of Pulsation Dampeners

Dampeners suit a wide range of needs and production tasks. They come in up to 22 volumetric sizes. Dampeners can be sized for a dampening effect of +2.5%. They have operating pressures of up to 1,000 psi with metals. When working with plastics, they has an operating pressure of up to 150 psi.

Other Key Facts

Pulsation dampeners have important characteristics when it comes to materials, connections, gauges, and temperature resistance. The following are vital traits that these devices offer:

  • Made of PVC, PVDF, polypropylene, and other materials.
  • Have air charging valves.
  • Have a wide range of elastomeric diaphragm materials.
  • Variety of connection types available, including union, flange, socket, and NPT.
  • Come in 0 to 160 psi gauges.
  • Gauge port sizes of 1/8-inch, ¼-inch, and ½-inch are available.
  • Polypropylene dampeners have a maximum temperature range of 175 degrees.

The Benefits of Using Dampeners

Using pulsation dampeners has multiple advantages including water hammer prevention and smoothing of chemical dosing flow.

Available for Purchase Now

Businesses that rely on chemical feed systems need accuracy and efficiency. The right parts and pieces will accomplish this goal. Pulsation dampeners will enhance performance and production. Call Vissers Sales Corp. today to purchase dampeners for your facility.