Flow Meters

Many industries work with pumps and pumping systems. Companies may rely on pumping systems for moving liquids and other fluids such as chemicals. Flow meters are a vital component in these processes. They are especially helpful when a process requires a long meter life and light weights. The market offers various options for these products. However, the JLP series from Carlon’s will give users the results they need.

Systems That Can Benefit From a Water Flow Meter

Various types of pumping systems perform different functions. Customers that need to displace large amounts of water should consider the Carlon JLP series products. These meters do well with reverse osmosis and de-ionizing water. Industries that need industrial and municipal water meters should choose these products as well.

Features That Stand Out

Users need solutions that work well and can stand up to the most difficult conditions. The JLP series water pump flow meter stands above the competition. These meters are made of reinforced plastic and have a tamper-proof design. They also have a magnetically coupled resister drive. The meters come with an optional remote counter of up to 1,000 feet in diameter plus, the meters are made of lightweight materials. These features make installation quick and easy.

Thread Sizes

A flow meter for water pump from Carlon comes in different sizes. Carlon flow meters are available with the following specifications:

  • ½ inches
  • ¾ inches
  • 1 inch

Other Benefits

There are other reasons to choose flow meters from Carlon’s JLP series. For instance, these meters operate at flow rates between ¼ GPM and 50 GPM. In addition, the meters can withstand pressures of up to 100 psi. Only the highest-quality materials make up these products.

Enhance The Performance of Your Pump System

You know how critical a water flow meter is to your pump system. Make sure you’re always using reliable components. Call the team at Vissers Sales Corp today to ask about Carlon JLP series meters.