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Pressure Relief Valved

Pressure Relief Valves

Working with production machinery can present potentially dangerous or harmful conditions. Therefore, the right resources and tools for safety and efficiency are necessary. High pressure is common in these environments, especially with devices such as pumps. To reduce pressure spikes and other issues, pressure relief valves are available. A Griffco pressure relief valve will protect both machinery and operators from harm.

How They Work

When there is a situation such as a closed valve or over-pressurization, a chemical pressure relief valve offers crucial protection. When pressure builds up and rises to unsafe levels, the valve will release the pressure. This eases the production process and also allows the pump, tank, and other components to operate properly.

Relief Valve Materials

A pressure relief valve distributor can provide these devices in a wide range of materials. Each of these offers benefits. They also meet the needs of various processes in different settings. Common materials include the following:

  • PVC
  • CPVC
  • PVDF
  • PTFE
  • Polypropylene
  • 316L SS
  • Alloy 20

The diaphragm materials are also strong and reliable. They come in EPDM, PTFE, CSM, and FKM.

Connections and Configuration

Relief valves have four available connections. These are threaded, flanged, union, and socket. In addition, configurations include wall mount, 2-port 90-degree, and 2-port 180-degree. A Griffco pressure relief valve may also be a 3-port product. This configuration is up to 1 inch of DN 25.

Available Options

Customers can choose different options for pressure relief valves as well. These devices can include an adjustment knob or metal top. Some also come with a metal adjustment screw and material certifications.

Promoting Safety and Efficiency

Pressure relief valves are a vital component in many production facilities. Vissers Sales Corp. is a pressure relief valve distributor you can trust. Call the team today to order your valves so you can use them right away in your processes.