Metering Systems

Dosing Module

A chemical dosing system has important functions in certain industries. When you need to choose metering systems, you should take a look at what DICE™ offers. These dosing modules provide every essential discharge component for your system. It comes with a block-type design and is a reliable choice when you need a long-lasting dosing or metering system.

Benefits of Using Reliable Dosing Systems

Piping systems are common in a wide variety of businesses. Unfortunately, there are many troubling issues inherent in these systems. For example, many piping systems have poor connections and leakage concerns. Also, pulsation can cause excessive vibrations. Chemical dosing systems with the right modules can mitigate these concerns.

The DICE dosing modules provide a more precise answer for metering and piping. They have fewer connections, a feature that cuts down the risks of leaks. The dosing system also provides better protection. Plus, the dosing process is more accurate because of the modules. Every dosing module from DICE has machined fabrication. This ensures high quality and reliability in every product.

Key Features to Enjoy

Chemical metering panels and modules have a host of appealing elements. The following are features and benefits:

  • Standard designs
  • Durable, even under the harshest conditions
  • Resistant to leaks
  • No threaded or glued connections
  • Easy to install
  • Capable of calibrating the pump with the correct suction head

Get the Most Out of Your Metering Systems

With their features and benefits, it’s evident how these dosing modules can help your business. Improve your metering systems and dosing systems today. Call the staff at Vissers Sales Corp to obtain DICE products.