Calibration Cylinders

Calibration Cylinders

A wide range of industries depend on quality calibration cylinders. Businesses that work with food and beverage production, pharmaceuticals, and water treatment need them. High-quality cylinders can make a company’s processes more efficient and productive. These devices are available in various models and configurations.

What They Do

Calibration cylinders, also known as calibration columns, improve the performance of a chemical feed system. The cylinders verify the flow rate of the chemical feed pump. This function is critical for operators and technicians as it ensures accuracy. The cylinders are also versatile and can be effective in many different processes.


Customers can choose from a wide range of materials when selecting calibration cylinders. The end cap piece of the cylinder is typically available in the following:

  • PVC
  • Alloy 20
  • Polypropylene
  • CPVC
  • PTFE
  • 316 SS

Benefits and Features

Calibration cylinders can help with chemical feed pumps and their processes. There are different choices in sizes as small as 100 mL and as large as 40,000 mL. The tubes are durable and easy to clean and maintain. Customers will like the sealed top with an overflow connection.

Available for Purchase Today

When it comes to chemical feed systems, calibration cylinders are crucial. The right product is reliable and will enable users to successfully verify flow rates. Contact the team at Vissers Sales Corp. today and order your calibration cylinders for your production needs.