Injection Assemblies

Corporation Stops

In manufacturing and production environments, working with chemicals is common. For more effective in-line mixing, technicians will rely on corporation stops. These devices help chemical feed systems like a chemical injection quill inject into the middle of a process stream. The stops can retract and include a ball valve that seals the process stream, which is helpful when technicians can’t drain the process.

The Value of Corporation Stops in a Retractable Injection Quill

For safety and accuracy, the corporation stop is essential. It keeps the process fluid from retreating up the chemical line. The stop also has few seals and joints which limits leak potential. This assembly is durable and long-lasting, so technicians can depend on it for numerous uses. When technicians use it in harsh conditions for processes, the stops will continue to perform well.

Key Features

When using retractable chemical injection assembly devices, the corporation stops offer the following:

  • Plastic union or threaded connections
  • Compact assembly
  • Sizes from half an inch to 1 inch
  • Multiple tip configurations available
  • Custom quill lengths available
  • Optional chemical line drain

Improve Mixing Processes

With a chemical injection assembly, corporation stops are a crucial element. Vissers Sales Corp. offers this product. Call the team today to order this component and start using it.