Precisioneering Fibreglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) Tanks

  • High Strength Tension Rings
  • Hinged Manways
  • Head Nozzles Extend Through Tops
  • High Strength Steel Lift Lugs
  • Pyramid Gussets
  • 150 PSI Rated Spuncast Flanges
  • Dual Laminate FRP for extremely corrosive applications
  • Silica Carbide coating for abrasion resistance
  • Seamless Walls
  • Nameplates
  • Side Entry Manways are 10 PSI Minimum. See vents & accessories
  • Sightglass with Calibration Strip. See vents & accessories
  • Galvanized Hold Down Lugs
  • Continuous Corners
  • Quick Opening Precisioneering 600GPM Strainers
  • FRP Ladder with FRP Cage. See vents & accessories

Precicioneering Seamless Wall FRP Tanks

Precisioneering’s proprietary computer program inputs current material and labour costs and alternative manufacturing methods to cost FRP Tanks manufactured to industry standards. The program develops costs for up to 10 different variations for a given volume.