Industrial Plastic Storage Tanks

For over forty years, Vissers Sales has been in the business of liquid chemical management. We specialize in liquid chemical handling equipment specifically for the industrial chemical market. This includes plastic storage tanks, as well as, other types of various equipment, including those listed below:

  • Industrial Pumps
  • Industrial Storage Tanks
  • Industrial Mixers
  • Filtration Products
  • Industrial Valves
Our storage tanks are of the highest quality. We do not manufacture nor sell any blow-molded tanks. While less expensive, blow-molded plastic tanks have inherent flaws. The thickness of the container is not consistent, which can lead to catastrophic failure. The material dispersion in those types of containers is subpar as well.

Every one of our storage tanks are rotationally molded plastic storage tanks. Manufacturing the tanks in this way provides the walls of the container to have consistent thickness and more than adequate material dispersion.

Industrial Plastic Storage Tanks vs. Agricultural Storage Tanks

Industrial plastic storage tanks may resemble the more common commercial and agricultural tanks in appearance, but make no mistake, they are not the same. Industrial tanks and chemical storage tanks have much thicker walls which allows them to provide safe and secure storage for higher specific gravity liquids. Vissers Sales can also provide chemical additives to provide greater resistance, as well as, UV light resistance.

Materials Used

Vissers sales typically uses two types of material for manufacturing our plastic storage tanks. They are listed below:

  • Linear (LHDPE)
  • Cross-linked high density Polyethylene (XLPE)

While either can be used, linear HDPE is more commonly used. It offers superior chemical resistance and performance than XLPE. Another benefit is the face it not only can be welded but is fully recyclable.

In Conclusion

Visser Sales can provide various storage options for your liquid chemical needs. Whether your business needs double containment tanks or some other type of chemical storage tanks, we should be your next call.