Vissers Sales Corp.: Orberdorfer Pumps Distributor

Rotary Gear Pumps from Oberdorfer

Orberdorfer Pumps a manufacturer of pumps for industrial purposes, including marine, agricultural, construction and home building.

We might not have invented the gear pump, but when compared to other gear pump manufacturers, you could say we’ve perfected it. The Oberdorfer™ name was founded on our line of bronze gear pumps and over time we’ve led the industry in quality and innovation. We offer helical gearing, a method in which the gears are cut on angle to the face of the gear. This allows for more material contact, resulting in a greater degree of material customization and hydraulic range and a quieter running pump. So, whether your design calls for an external gear pump, pedestal mount, clutch driven, motor mount or stainless steel gear pump, you can rest assured that our family of gear pumps is as diverse as the applications in which they’ve been used – for more than 100 years.