Masterflex B/T Variable-Speed Peristaltic Pump System

Masterflex,B/T,Variable,Speed,Peristaltic,Pump,System,digital,analog,Thermo ScientificThermo Scientific B/T Variable-Speed Peristaltic Pump Systems
Thermo Scientific Masterflex B/T modular washdown peristaltic pump systems are ideal for large fluid transfer and metering applications; they can also be programmed for high volume dispensing or automated filling applications.

IP56 (NEMA-4)-rated controller and motor protect against dust and strong jets of water.

  • Reinforced base and motor mount with return bend for easy installation

Fixed-Speed Pump

  • Economical and easy to operate

  • Fixed-speed units are ideal for economical transfer and fixed flow applications

  • Reversible motor: purge before or after pumping, pump fluid in either direction

  • IP55-rated motor-wash off dirt or debris without harming pump

Air-Powered Pump System

  • Use in locations where electricity is unsafe or impractical

  • Includes pressure regulator, oiler and filter-control your compressor air to match pump requirements

  • IP56-rated motor protects against dust and strong jets of water

Rapid-Load Pump Heads

  • Convert your existing motor into a high-capacity Masterflex B/T pump

  • Compatible with standard 56C frame or IEC 72/ISO 71 motors with B5 motor flange

  • Pump heads require a minimum 1/2hp motor with a maximum of 1800rpm

  • Supply your own motor and controller


  • Flow Capacity : 37 (LPM) 9.7 (GPM) Typical

  • Number of Channels : One

  • Reversible : Yes

  • Motor Type : Nema 56C Face, TENV, PMDC

  • Motor Size : 1/2 HP (0.37 kW)

  • Motor Speed : Max. 1800 RPM

  • Housing Maerials : Polyester powder coated aluminum, Nickel-plated steel, 300 Stainless steel, and Poly-carbonate

  • Pump Head Materials : Nylatron rollers, Delrin, Polyester powder coated cast iron

  • Operating Temperature : 0 to 40ºC (32 to 104ºF)

  • Storage Temperature : 45 to 65ºC (13 to 149ºF)

  • IP Rating : IP 56 (Nema 4)

  • Agency Approvals : UL, cUL, CE
    (230 Volt only)

  • Controller Dimensions
    (L x W x H) : 51 x 40 x 66 cm
    (20 x 15.5 x 26 in)


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