ULTRAPEN PT3 ORP/REDOX & Temperature Pen

ULTRAPEN PT3, ORP/REDOX & Temperature PenThis instrument is designed to be extremely accurate, fast, and simple to use in diverse water quality applications. Advanced features include highly stable microprocessor-based circuitry; automatic temperature compensation from 15șC to 30șC while in calibration mode; user-intuitive design; and waterproof housing. A true one-handed instrument, the PT3 is easy to calibrate and easy to use. To take a measurement, you simply push a button then dip the PT3 in solution. Results display in seconds.

High Performance Features

  • Accuracy of ±10 mV ORP

  • Proprietary Sensor Design

  • 99.9% Pure Platinum Electrode

  • 3 Calibration Options with Automatic Solution Recognition

  • Automatic Temperature Compensation in Calibration Mode*

  • Rugged, reliable, shock-resistant fully encapsulated electronics

  • Durable body constructed of aircraft aluminum

  • Simple one-button functions

  • Temperature Readout

  • High capacity N-type battery included

  • Waterproof

  • Applications

  • Agriculture

  • Hydroponics

  • Desalination

  • Aquaculture

  • Pharmaceutical

  • Boilers and Cooling Towers

  • Fountain Solutions for Printing

  • Horticulture

  • Wastewater

  • Pool and Spa

  • Food and Beverage

  • Irrigation

  • Reverse Osmosis

  • Plus Many More!

  • Specifications

    ORP Temperature
    Range: -1000 mV to +1000 mV 0 - 71°C / 32 - 160°F
    Accuracy: ± 10 mV ± 0.1ºC / ± 0.1ºF
    Resolution: 1 mV ORP 0.1ºC / 0.1ºF
    Time to Reading Stabilization: 10 - 45 seconds
    Power Consumption: Active Mode 37 mA, Sleep Mode 2 µA
    Temperature Compensation: Automatic In Calibration Mode From 15ºC to 30ºC*
    Physical Dimensions: 17.15 cm L x 1.59 cm D or 6.75 in. L x .625 in. D
    Weight: 50.4 g / 1.78 oz. (without soaker cap and lanyard)
    Case Material: Anodized Aircraft Aluminum with Protective Coating
    Battery Type: N type, Alkaline, 1.5V
    Calibration Standard Solutions: ORP80, ORP260, ORP470
    Operating/Storage Temperature: 0 - 55ºC or 32 - 131ºF
    Enclosure Ratings: IP67 and NEMA 6

    EN61236-1: 2006 – Annex A: 2008: Electrostatic discharge to the PT3 may cause it to
    spontaneously turn on. If this occurs, the PT3 will turn off.

    * Temperature compensation in calibration mode: Temperature affects the reaction potentials for all chemicals differently. True ORP is the direct measurement of electron activity during an oxidation-reduction reaction, regardless of temperature. However, for maximum accuracy and ease of calibration, the Myron L Company has developed three calibration standard solutions with known dissolved species. We derived the temperature compensation (from 15șC to 30șC) for those solutions, and embedded automatic temperature compensation into the calibration function of your PT3. Note: To verify calibration while in measurement mode, you must manually correct for any variation in temperature. Example: @25șC, ORP2602OZ calibration solution will read 260mV, however @ 20.0șC ORP2602OZ will read 265mV.


    ULTRAPEN PT3 ORP/REDOX & Temperature Pen Data Sheet

    ULTRAPEN PT3 ORP/REDOX & Temperature Pen Operation Manual


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