POOLPRO™ Pool & Spa Test Tool - Vissers Sales Corp.

POOLPRO™ Pool & Spa Test Tool

  • Bluetooth® wireless download capability with optional bluDock™ accessory package
  • ORP mV to ppm free chlorine conversion
  • Langelier Saturation Index & Hardness Calculator
  • The advanced four-electrode cell for conductivity/ MIN/SALT/TDS eliminates polarization, allowing greater accuracy and stability with minimal maintenance.
  • The pH/ORP sensor chamber provides protection to a unique porous liquid-junction.
  • The large capacity KCI reservoir extends the life of pH/ORP sensor.
  • Accuracy of BETTER than ±1% of reading (±.1% at calibration point) in a handheld instrument.
  • All sensors are internal for maximum protection.
  • Waterproof to 1 meter/3 feet.
  • Autoranging conductivity/TDS.
  • Factory calibrations stored in microprocessor.
  • Prompts for easy pH calibration.
  • 3 conductivity/TDS solution conversions preprogrammed into microprocessor.
  • Real Time Clock with Time and Date.
  • Data Logging with TIME and DATE in memory.
  • Memory stores 100 readings.
  • User adjustable timeout “Auto OFF”.