Netzsch TORNADO T2 High Performance Rotary Lobe Pump

Netzsch, TORNADO, T2, High Performance, Rotary Lobe Pump

Netzsch, TORNADO, T2, High Performance, Rotary Lobe Pump


The best maintenance is no maintenance

We have perfected the rotary lobe pump concept by incorporating the tried, tested and proven NETZSCH core competence in the design and manufacture of engineered rubber solutions for the new TORNADO® T2. During the entire pumping cycle only elastomer and metal component surfaces interface within the pump; elastomer to elastomer component surface interfaces, which suffer from excess wear and generate heat, are completely eliminated. Having these dissimilar materials for the static and dynamic pump head components, the elastomeric surfaces are subjected to a lower dynamic loading resulting in less plastic deformation and stress which in turn reduces wear and extends operational life. The use of high quality sealed for life bearings, selected for their load carrying characteristics and long life, combined with the tooth belt drive result in a drive train that can be considered maintenance-free.


Efficiency in the smallest space

Smaller overall dimensions and the innovative design concept of incorporating a timing tooth belt to both synchronise and drive means reduced space is required for both installation and in place servicing representing a cost saving in terms of site utilisation.

Operational of safety

From GSS1 to BSS�

The proven physical separation between pump chamber and bearing housing guarantees absolute operational safety.

Ease of Service

"Full Service In Place" instead of "Maintenance In Place"

The innovative design of the TORNADO® T2 provides quick and easy access to the pump chamber, including the inlet and outlet ports, by simply removing the cover plate. This provides improved access for inspection, cleaning, service and replacing parts. The service-friendly design of the tooth belt drive means that, should it be necessary, the belt is easy and quick to replace. Benefits of the tooth belt drive system are accuracy of synchronization, elimination of timing gears and oil lubrication, less heat generation and quieter operation.

1GSS=Gearbox Security System
�BSS=Bearing Security System

Plastic deformation and heat generation is reduced by maintaining a uniform elastomeric wall thickness within the pump chamber. Material sections, bearing selection and seal positioning combine to minimize the adverse effects on dimensional changes to pump head geometry due to temperature changes. The design and geometry of the rotors ensures a high level of durability. With the rotor fixing and drive outside of the pump chamber the rotors can have a completely flat continuous front and back face with no dead areas which eliminates the possibility of fibrous material becoming trapped and compacted. The mechanical seal design and seal face position eliminates dead areas and allows constant circulation of the media around the faces which ensures that the risk of media entrapment and compaction is minimised. The TORNADO® T2 all metal pumps can be manufactured from metals offering higher levels of cleanliness, corrosion or abrasion resistance and can therefore be applied to applications demanding the characteristics of these materials, especially in the low sanitary hygienic or chemical market sectors.

Netzsch, TORNADO, T2, High Performance, Rotary Lobe Pump
Rubber-Metal Pump TORNADO® T2

Ease of Service

"Full Service In Place" instead of "Maintenance In Place"

Servicing a rotary lobe pump has never been so easy and all without the need for any special tools. The rotors can be removed and replaced very easily and quickly because they are not bolted or keyed to the shafts within the pump head but fixed with quick-fit non media wetted taper lock assemblies positioned and accessed outside of the pump head. The geometry of the rotors means that they can be fitted and removed independently. There are no keys dictating a unique rotor position which results in faster, easier and cleanerrotor removal and replacement and for rotor synchronisation a setting device is included as an integral part of the pump front cover. Benefitting from all these features the service time for the TORNADO® T2 has been reduced to significantly less than half the time required for servicing a conventional rotary lobe pump. The pre-set cartridge mechanical seals are fitted directly into the rotor and mounted on the shafts as one assembly. There are various cartridge mechanical seals available all of which fit into a common housing allowing for seal upgrades without modification.

Netzsch, TORNADO, T2, High Performance, Rotary Lobe Pump

TORNADO® T2 All-Metal

Process optimisation
Maximum reliability through design, material and range of mechanical seals

The revolutionary NETZSCH PRS (Pulsation Reduction System) guarantees an almost pulsation-free discharge that is of benefit in many process applications. Even when used in conjunction with straight bi-lobe rotors, which ensures better solid handling capability and easier maintenance, the NETZSCH PRS provides an almost pulsation-free flow which outperforms the characteristics of complex multi-lobe helical rotors.

The pump chamber and mechanical seal design and position eliminates dead areas, where pump media can collect and compact, making cleaning easier, either manually or by CIP.

From GSS1 to BSS�

  • No ingress of the media into the bearing housing in the event of seal failure

  • Easy access to seal buffer/quench and barrier/flush connections

  • Visual indicator of seal performance

1GSS=Gearbox Security System
�BSS=Bearing Security System

Netzsch, TORNADO, T2, High Performance, Rotary Lobe Pump

Optimum operation and process reliability and safety

Design and position of mechanical seal: cartridge unit integral with rotor

  • Uninterupted and direct flow of media to and around seal faces

  • Self draining, no dead areas

  • No wear of shafts, the seal is mounted on an integrated rotor sleeve

  • Easy assembly and disassembly

Netzsch, TORNADO, T2, High Performance, Rotary Lobe Pump

Cartridge unit

The classic TORNADO® T1 with its proven quality

For more than a decade we have been supplying the classic design NETZSCH TORNADO® T1 rotary lobe pumps.
Their extensive use in applications in the Environmental and Energy, Chemical, Pulp and Paper and Oil and Gas sectors for flow rates up to 1000 m�/h demonstrate their high performance. Pump size and specification are precisely tailored to suit the characteristics of the pumped media and the operating requirements. Three series with 12 models available provide for flow rates up 1,000 m�/h at discharge pressures up to 6 bar for both intermittent and continuous operation. For higher discharge pressures customised solutions are available.

Your benefits:

  • GSS1technology for long term reliability

  • Maintenance without the need to disconnect the inlet and outlet pipework

  • Easy and quick access to the lobes and shaft seals

  • Tolerance of running dry

  • Short delivery times - all manufacturing - in-house, large stock of components

1GSS=Gearbox Security System

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