Salarollpump Super Suction Pump Clean Up System for Oil And Chemicals

Salarollpump, Super Suction, Pump, Clean Up System, Oil, Chemicals, Sala Roll PumpSalarollpump super suction pump clean up system for oil and chemicals is a unique patented system designed for response, recovery and cleanup of oil spills, chemical spills and other debris laden liquids. Tank cleaning and transfer pumping is another area of use for the Salarollpump system. The extremely strong suction (vacuum) and the debris tolerance of 37 mm (1 ½”) solids makes it suitable for pumping debris laden viscous oil. The high discharge pressure makes it possible for liquids to flow through a long distance of hose. The combination of handling weight and portability enables the user to deploy the system in remote areas.

  • Shoreline/Pipeline Oil Spills

  • Chemical Spill Clean Up

  • High Viscous Skimmer Offloading

  • Tank Cleaning

  • Submerged Oil Recovery

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Salarollpump, Super Suction, Pump, Clean Up System, Oil, Chemicals, Sala Roll PumpSalarollpump, Super Suction, Pump, Clean Up System, Oil, Chemicals, Sala Roll Pump

High Viscous Pumping

A series of pump tests were conducted to measure the suction capability of the Salarollpump with high viscous oil. The suction nozzle was placed into approximately 1m3 (264 gallons) of bunker C oil. The suction lift was 0.6 m (2 ft) and a 6 m (20ft) length of 3" suction hose was used. The discharge hose was 2 1/2" and 1.5m (5 ft) in length. The pump speed can be set at 15, 30 or 45 rpm. The medium speed of 30 rpm was selected which gives a nominal capacity of 8 m3/hr (35 gpm).

Tests were conducted at three different temperatures; 1, 5 and 10°C (33.8, 41 and 50°F). The viscosity in cSt is shown in the diagram at three different shear rates. The pour point of the oil was 18°C (64.4°F).

The tests were carried out with and without water injection in the suction nozzle. The results indicate that the limit without water injection was approximately 3,500,000 cSt at shear rate 0.07 S-1. With water injection the capacity was increased to approximately 65% of the nominal capacity at a viscosity around 4,500,000 cSt with the same shear rate of 0.07 S-1. Preliminary tests not illustrated below were also conducted with diesel oil injected into the suction nozzle instead of water. The preliminary test results indicate an improved capacity but not as much as with water.

Chemical Spills

The standard inner lining of the pump hose is made of nitrile for long term pumping of oil but the material can also handle short term operations of a number of aggressive chemicals. The risk for sparks due to static electricity is very small as the power pack can be placed outside the hazardous area and the rotating speed of the pump is very low.

The Pump Unit

Salarollpump, Super Suction, Pump, Clean Up System, Oil, Chemicals, Sala Roll PumpThe salarollpump delivers ”super suction” performance thanks to a unique patented design feature.
The system is a peristaltic type of suction and pressure pump that delivers a flow rate of 9 m³/h, (39 gpm) or 14 m³/h, (61 gpm) depending on the size of the pump. The heart of the system is a special manufactured hose compressed by a wheel mounted on a crank shaft. The suction is created when the hose by its own force returns to its round shape.

Discharge pressure is created by the force of the wheel moving the media. The high vacuum and the low speed of the pump enable it to pump most high viscous, polluted liquids and debris over 40mm, (1 1/2") solid. Both the pressure wheel and the inside of the pump housing have a lining of soft material that prevents a solid particle from damaging the pump hose.

The Power Pack

Salarollpump, Super Suction, Pump, Clean Up System, Oil, Chemicals, Sala Roll PumpThe power pack for the salarollpump is available with a gasoline/diesel engine or electric motor which drives a hydraulic pump.

This powers the hydraulic motor mounted on the salarollpump. Pumping high viscous media is made easier by reducing the speed of the pump. The pump speed can be regulated by adjusting the hydraulic oil flow to three different output speeds, 15, 30 and 45 rpm. The power pack has two levers and a position label that are used to set the hydraulic oil flow to one of three different values.

The discharge pressure is not affected because the motor or engine is at full power. Additional fine adjustments to the pump speed can be accomplished by setting the throttle on the gas/ diesel engine.

Water Injection

Pumping extremely high viscous media is made easier by injecting water into the suction nozzle. The water reduces the friction between the oil and hose. A small centrifugal pump mounted to a backpack is offered as an accessory.

Salarollpump, Super Suction, Pump, Clean Up System, Oil, Chemicals, Sala Roll Pump

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