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Grundfos,BoosterpaQ,CRE-Plus,Variable,Speed,Pump,Systems,Grundfos,PumpsGrundfos BoosterpaQ systems are based on the worldrenowned CR range of multistage centrifugal pumps. Grundfos was the first to develop this pump type nearly 40 years ago, and the current generation of CR pumps remains unchallenged as the world’s best. With their history of outstanding reliability and efficiency, CR pumps provide the best foundation for our booster systems. BoosterpaQ systems equipped with intelligent CRE pumps offer an even higher rate of efficiency as well as reduced energy costs. CRE pumps are equipped with an integrated variable-frequency drive motor. The end result is complete control, optimum flexibility of booster output, and unbeatable efficiency at all times.

Grundfos Hydro MPC BoosterpaQ® booster sets are designed for transfer, pressure boosting and circulation of water in:

  • domestic water pressure boosting

  • high rise buildings, hotels, and hospitals

  • irrigation

  • industry

  • municipal water transfer

  • HVAC.

As standard, Hydro MPC booster sets consist of two to six CR(E) pumps connected in parallel and mounted on a base frame provided with a control cabinet and all the necessary fittings. Most of the booster sets are available with either CR pumps and/or CRE pumps.

The pumps of the booster set can be removed without interfering with the pipework on either side of the manifolds. Consequently, even on the largest booster sets, service can be performed by a single person with a forklift truck or a crane.

Hydro MPC booster sets are divided into seven groups based on control variants.

Hydro MPC-E

Booster sets with two to six CRE pumps. The terminology CRE means CR pump that includes an integrated variable frequency drive (VFD)/motor with sizes from 1 to 10 Hp.

Hydro MPC-E(CUE)

Booster sets with two to six CR pumps, each connected to external CUE VFD.

Hydro MPC-F

Booster sets with two to six CR pumps connected to one external VFD. The speed-controlled operation alternates between the pumps of the booster set.

Hydro MPC-S

Booster sets with two to six constant speed CR pumps.

Product Guides

  • Grundfos BoosterpaQ Brochure

  • BoosterpaQ® Hydro MPC Product Guide
    Technical Information about Grundfos CR- Booster Systems.
    Digital,Metering Pumps,Dosing Pumps,Grundfos Pumps Download PDF 6.64 Mbytes - 108 pages

  • The Grundfos Vertical Multistage Centrifigal Pumps 60Hz
    Technical Information about Grundfos CR, CRI, CRN, CRE, CRIE and CRNE Product Guide.
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CRE-Plus Technical Data

Digital,Metering Pumps,Dosing Pumps,Grundfos Pumps Small CRE-Plus
Digital,Metering Pumps,Dosing Pumps,Grundfos Pumps Medium CRE-Plus
Digital,Metering Pumps,Dosing Pumps,Grundfos Pumps Large CRE-Plus


Maybe you have considered using variable speed pumps. Maybe you heard that advances in technology have made installation and operation simple, improved reliability, lowered initial cost, and reduced energy costs. But, you wonder if they save enough energy to justify an increase in cost over a conventional system. Although variable speed systems are quickly approaching the cost of conventional systems, and in some cases are less than conventional systems, it is worthwhile to know the Pay Back period (P.B.) and/or internal rate of return (IRR) when they do cost more. GFSaves makes this analysis easy and complete. Select either the "CRE-pump and CRE-Plus" or the "BoosterpaQ" tab below and follow the instructions to select the best system to match your specific application requirements.

GFSaves runs on Excel 97 or later.

Section - 1: "Matching the GPM and Feet of Head Profile to the best system" - This section analyzes the flow and head requirements for your application. It compares the energy consumption of Grundfos, variable speed single and multiple pump systems to PRV regulated systems. This provides the information you need to match a CRE-pump or BoosterpaQ to your specific system. The results are automatically transferred to next section. A performance graph is also available in this section.

Section 2: "Electrical Energy Savings" - This section summarizes the electrical savings of a CRE-Pump or BoosterpaQ over a PRV system. The results are automatically transferred to Section 3.

Section 3: "IRR and Pay Back" - You may itemize or enter a lump sum investment cost for the variable speed and constant speed systems. The IRR and Pay Back are automatically calculated. You can include additional savings for maintenance reduction due to the elimination of PRVs (Pressure Regulating Valves), other life-cycle cost reductions, improved process quality (less heat, noise, etc.), or other value added factors.

The print function has been formatted to include only the relevant results from each of the 3 sections. Printing this information is accomplished using standard Excel printing steps.

You may print the performance graph in section 1. Click on the "Performance Curve" button (CRE-pump systems) or the "Performance Graph" button (BoosterpaQ systems) located above and to the right the system selection chart. Follow the instructions to position to the correct graph for viewing and printing. Click on the graph to highlight it. Then follow standard Excel printing steps.

GFSaves runs on Excel 97 or later.

The licensing agreement is under the "License" worksheet tab.

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