Grundfos BoosterpaQ and CRE-Plus Variable Speed Pump Systems From Grundfos Pumps

GFSaves runs on Excel 97 or later.

  • Grundfos BoosterpaQ® IRR, Payback, and Performance Graph

  • Grundfos CRE-pump and CRE-Plus” IRR, Payback, and Performance Curve

Section – 1: “Matching the GPM and Feet of Head Profile to the best system” – This section analyzes the flow and head requirements for your application. It compares the energy consumption of Grundfos, variable speed single and multiple pump systems to PRV regulated systems. This provides the information you need to match a CRE-pump or BoosterpaQ to your specific system. The results are automatically transferred to next section. A performance graph is also available in this section.

Section 2: “Electrical Energy Savings” – This section summarizes the electrical savings of a CRE-Pump or BoosterpaQ over a PRV system. The results are automatically transferred to Section 3.

Section 3: “IRR and Pay Back” – You may itemize or enter a lump sum investment cost for the variable speed and constant speed systems. The IRR and Pay Back are automatically calculated. You can include additional savings for maintenance reduction due to the elimination of PRVs (Pressure Regulating Valves), other life-cycle cost reductions, improved process quality (less heat, noise, etc.), or other value added factors.

The print function has been formatted to include only the relevant results from each of the 3 sections. Printing this information is accomplished using standard Excel printing steps.

You may print the performance graph in section 1. Click on the “Performance Curve” button (CRE-pump systems) or the “Performance Graph” button (BoosterpaQ systems) located above and to the right the system selection chart. Follow the instructions to position to the correct graph for viewing and printing. Click on the graph to highlight it. Then follow standard Excel printing steps.

GFSaves runs on Excel 97 or later.

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