SUPERIOR Automatic Switchover Gas Chlorinators

1. A new ultra-thick, fluoroplastic yoke coating gives SUPERIOR™ corrosion resistance, won’t crack, peel or chip.
2. All molded parts are fiber-glass reinforced ABS plastic, designed for SUPERIOR™ strength, warpresistance and chlorine resistance.
3. The rate valve “”Seat”” is pure fluoroplastic and will not swell, stick or become brittle with age or exposure to liquid chlorine.
4. All external bolts and nuts are Titanium for complete corrosion resistance..a SUPERIOR™ exclusive.
5. Extra heavy-duty outlet threads on the ejector diffuser prevents breakage from over-tightening or “”bumping”” of the ejector assembly.
6. Easier to service and perform routine maintenance, with standard size wrench lugs provided on all screwed-together ejector parts.
7. All vacuum fitting holes are heavily reinforced to prevent the possibility of cracking from over-tightening fittings.
8. “”Dual-pressure”” check valve is standard on all SUPERIOR™ gas Chlorinators. Proven high back-pressure unitized check valve design protects against sudden surges up to 300 PSIG while a spring-loaded diaphragm checkprovidespositive shutoff even when there is no backpressure to force the seat closed.
9. Switchover Module has been totally re-designed to prevent sticking, misalignment or wear on internal parts. Up to 20% fewer parts than other designs means greater reliability.