Portable Industrial Mixers

In certain industries, mixing materials to create products is an essential part of the business. Like a person would use a mixing appliance at home, devices can do the same in production environments. While many industrial mixers are large, others are smaller and handle lighter duties. Many of these are portable industrial mixers. Vissers Sales Corp. can provide you and your company with the right device to fit your needs. It is helpful to understand which types are available and what they do.

Who Uses Them?

Portable industrial mixers, including portable chemical mixers, are useful in many types of jobs. Manufacturing companies use them in factories and production facilities. These are common in the following sectors:

  • Food processing
  • Pharmaceutical processing
  • Chemical production
  • Biotechnical industries
  • Plastic manufacturing

Typical Varieties of Portable Industrial Mixers

Vissers Sales Corp. can help you choose a mixer that makes the most sense for your processing tasks. These include direct drive clamp mixers and gear-driven clamp mixers. Direct drive clamp mixers have large sealed ball bearings on the output shaft. Gear-driven clamp mixers have a heavy-duty sealed ball bearing. This absorbs shaft deflection loads and gives the user extended mixer use.

There are also fixed mount gear-driven mixers, which are good for 500- to 5,000-gallon volumes. Fixed-mount direct drive mixers are good for devices with open tanks.

Devices to Help Your Operations Run Smoothly

The team at Vissers Sales Corp can provide you with the tools you need to be successful on the job. Call us today to discuss what portable industrial mixers are best for your operations.