Share Sludge Progressing Cavity Pumps – K range

K range advantages

  • Robust

    • Wide variety of rotors, machined by Sydex, including vacuum hardening to provide exceptional service life

    • Unique Sydex 4 pin cartridge system with 2 years warranty

    • In-house stator manufacturing ensuring optimal geometry, performance and reliability

  • Compact

  • Cost effective solution

    • Extended connecting rod which ensures extremely low angularity and increases significantly stator/rotor and seal life

  • Easy and quick maintenance

    • Maintenance ports fitted for easy access to spare parts (connecting rod, rotor …)

    • The entire connecting rod and joints can be supplied as pre-assembled component decreasing service and installation process.

K range performances

  • Capacity:
    from 0.1 m3/h to 300 m3/h [from 0.44 t 1320 USGPM]

  • Pressure:
    up to 48 bar [696 psi]

  • Range:
    60 models

  • Configurations:

–  Close coupled models available for most single stage pumps and many 2&4 stage models

–  Long coupled can be offered for all models