Metering Progressing Cavity Pumps

The M range metering progressing cavity pump series is designed specifically for dosing any kind of liquid. Dosing pumps are feature reversible flow, excellent self-priming rate, and low-shear pulsation-free pumping.

Sydex has the perfect solution for small, sterile pumping applications. The Sydex M Range progressing cavity pump gives you perfect control over flow rates, using its on-board inverter with speed ranges from 0-1000 rpm. With its gentle low-shear ability, this positive displacement pump can handle pressures of up to 36 bars with little impact on flow.

The M range is the ideal metering progressing cavity pump for many different applications: Waste water treatments (Polymers, flocculants); Chemical industry, (Cosmetics, Dyes, Paints, Inks, ) plus many sampling & premixing applications.