HGD Series Parallel Shaft Top Entry Mixers from Cleveland

  • Drywell Construction
    Prevents oil leakage down the impeller shaft

  • Bearings
    All bearings are rated for up to 100,000 hours L-10 life. Timken tapered roller bearings are used throughout the gear box.

  • Self-aligning shaft coupling
    Hollow quill design with optimum bearing span for maximum overload capability.

  • Splash Lubrication
    No pumps to maintain.

  • Energy-efficient NEMA C-faced motors
    Close coupled chemical-duty with 1.15 service factor, and Class B insulation. Motor options include air, DC, severe duty, explosion proof and high efficiency. Available in 3 to 20HP.

  • Output Speeds
    The HGD Series offers AGMA mixer shaft output speeds from 37 to 350 RPM using conventional 1750 and 1170 RPM motor speeds. Competing mixer companies require expensive, single-sourced 850 RPM motors to accomplish the low speed mixing delivered by the HGD.

  • Impellers
    Process related choice of impellers, including one of the highest efficiency hydrofoils on the market. Modified designs of the above are offered along with radial and conventional axial configurations.

  • Shaft & Impeller Materials
    Carbon Steel, 304SS, 316SS
    Special alloys, coatings, and polishing available as options

  • Flanges
    8” – 150# standard
    6”, 10”, 12”, 14” – 150# available as options

  • Low Speed Bearing Configuration
    High-capacity, spherical-roller, mixer shaft bearing isolates impeller loads from gearing and provides a high moment capacity. Tapered roller bearings accept high thrust loads in either direction.

  • Re-greasable Low Speed Bearings
    Upper tapered roller bearing and bottom spherical roller bearing are grease lubricated and field re-greasable for easy maintenance. Lower tapered roller bearing is flood oil-lubricated. All bearings are rated for up to 100,000 hours L-10 life.

  • Simple, Positive Lubrication
    Sealed, grease-lubricated upper high-speed and intermediate bearing and flood oil-lubricated lower bearings reduce oil levels, churning and foaming for cooler operation. Large oil capacity also helps keep the unit cooler for maximum life. A magnetic oil drain plug is provided.

  • Easy Maintenance
    Easily accessible oil fill opening and oil drain plugs let you perform required maintenance without removing any covers or guards. Standard, automotive-type, quick-check dipstick allows fast, easy oil checks.

  • Severe-Duty Seals
    Shielded, grease-purgeable upper seals provide a grease barrier that traps water, dirt and abrasive contaminants before they can enter the unit and cause damage.

  • Self Aligning Shaft Coupling
    Hollow quill design ensures a solid connection with the mixer shaft and allows for easy installation and positive removal of shafts for various diameters.

  • No-Leak Drywell Construction
    Oil sump is isolated from output shaft to prevent gear lubricants from leaking and contaminating the product being mixed.

  • Readily Available Replacement Components
    Seals, bearings, and high-speed couplings are readily available from the factory. Numbers for these items are published in the HGD service manual.