Cleveland Xtraflo Right Angle Drive Compact Top Entry Mixers

  • The Most Compact Drive Package Available in Low Speed Mixers

  • Lowest Headroom for Both Open and Closed Tank Designs
    Overall height ranges from 7.5” to 14”. Right angle construction in heavy duty welded steel with catalyzed epoxy finish suitable for indoor or outdoor installations.

  • Drywell Feature
    An internal dam in the gear reducer prevents oil leakage at the output shaft eliminating any potential contamination of your process.

  • Self-aligning Hollow Quill Output Shaft
    Provides maximum protection for drive bearings and gears while eliminating the need for expensive removable shaft couplings.

  • Oversized Roller Bearings
    Timken tapered roller bearings are used throughout the gear box and are rated for up to 100,000 hours L-10 life. Designed-in end play assure correct preload. Oversized bearings are designed to carry process overloads under combined radial and axial loads.

  • Splash Lubrication
    Efficient splash lubrication is standard. No pumps or piping to fail or maintain. A magnetic drain plug and breather are standard.

  • Worm Gear Drives offer Low Maintenance Cost
    An optimum mixing speed is achieved with one-stage worm gearing. This results in fewer bearings, seals and other spare parts. The involute helicoid gear form has manufacturing reliability, eliminating the need for matched gear sets. This allows lower parts costs, spares requirements, and simplified repair procedures.

  • Energy Efficient Motors
    Close-coupled chemical duty with 1.15 service factor and minimum Class B insulation. Motors are standard NEMA frame C-flange mounted with no alignment necessary. Options include air, DC, severe duty, explosion proof and high efficiency. Output speeds range from 20 to 350 RPM. Standard Baldor motors are supplied allowing off-the-shelf replacement.