BHD Series Heavy Duty Right Angle Drive Mixers from Cleveland

  • Rugged Steel Housing
    Fabricated steel housing effectively resists shock loads and stresses associated with mixing applications and maintains accurate gear alignment.

  • Low Headroom
    Right angle construction

  • Large Oil Capacity
    Lowers operating temperatures to help oil retain higher viscosity, extending gear, bearing and seal life. Auxiliary cooling systems are also available.

  • Splash Lubrication
    Efficient splash oil lubrication is standard. No pumps or piping to fail or maintain. A dip stick is provided for ease of maintenance checks. A magnetic drain plug and breather are standard.

  • Larger, Long-life, Grease-Lubricated Bearings
    With a minimum L-10 life three times that of standard commercial reducers – and in excess of industry standards for most applications – the upper and lower output shaft tapered roller bearings withstand high impeller loads and insure maximum life. A grease baffle on the upper bearing retains grease and prevents it from entering the unit.

  • Proven High-Hardness Helical Gearing
    Engineered to exceed AGMA standards with a reserve strength rating, the surface-hardened, precision ground, long-life helical gears deliver a smooth, strong, efficient power flow. Large tooth profile provides extra strength to handle high-stock loads.

  • Precision Spiral Bevel Gearing
    Surface hardening and finish lapping ensure smooth, quiet operation and greater gear efficiency. The spiral bevel pinion is housed in an easy to service cartridge reducing rebuild time.

  • Fast, Easy Ratio Changes to Accommodate Process Changes
    With helical gearing contained in the high speed head, the BHD gives you maximum ratio flexibility. To change ratios, simply replace the pinion and gear. For a reduction change, just replace the high speed head with optional helical gears readily available from stock.

  • Large Diameter, High Capacity Output Shafts
    The shafts accommodate the high-bending moment loads common in mixing applications.

  • Optional Hollow Output Shaft
    The BHD is also available with a hollow shaft output connection for direct mixer shaft insertion

  • Comprehensive Leak Protection
    Covers, shams, gaskets and blind-tapped end cover holes help retain lubricant, eliminate oil leakage and keep contaminants out to reduce maintenance and downtime.

  • No-Leak Drywell Low-Speed Construction
    A drywell isolates the low-speed output shaft from the oil sump to prevent lubricants from leaking and contaminating your product.