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Industrial Pump Systems: Then and Now

If you’re an engineer or a pump designer, maybe you can think of a way to make water run uphill, without using power. While most people would be baffled at how to go about this, the ancient Greeks took it in their stride and came up with one of the earliest industrial pump systems. They created a screw pump called the Archimedes screw, named after the renowned Greek mathematician and inventor Archimedes, who allegedly invented it to pump water from the hold of a ship. A type of positive displacement pump, the Archimedes screw lifts water from one location to another.

Ingenuity that stood the test of time

Still in use today, the Archimedes screw relies on a single screw that on rotation moves water from the low-lying source into the higher discharge area (which at the time was usually an irrigation ditch). As the screw rotates, it scoops some water into the first pocket. On the next turn of the screw the first pocket of water moves to the second pocket, and a new scoop of water enters the first pocket and so on, until the first scoop comes out the other side (the higher area).

The Archimedes screw was so ingenious that it’s still being used today for simple water transfer. For instance, it is used to lift wastewater in water treatment plants, for storm water pumping, drainage pumping and even to move industrial wastewater.

Screw pumps remain relevant

Of course, more advanced screw systems were developed such as double/twin screw pumps or triple screw pumps to create pressure and move fluids quickly. Used by oil and gas applications moving high viscosity liquids and fluids, screw pumps are a good choice for two-phase liquid and gas combinations. However, most screw pumps (except for the Archimedes single screw system) are not ideal for moving clean liquids at a continuous pace. With additional complexities of design, they also require more maintenance and have a shorter lifespan compared to simpler pumps.

Industrial pump systems are continuously innovating

Since the screw pump, technology has developed to allow all kinds of industrial pump systems, from chemical feed systems to wastewater treatment. Rainwater harvesting, chemical dosing, and booster pump systems are just some of the industrial pump system portfolio.

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